New Creation Community

A Seventh-day Adventist Experience


THIS Saturday, We offer two CHURCH services!!

5620 S. Coddington Ave., Lincoln, NE

First Things First
First Service 9:00 AM 

Featuring the same gospel message with more traditional Gospel music and Hymn flair.

Sabbath School
Bible Study 10:00 AM

Age appropriate Bible Studies and activities are available for everyone. Discover More

All Praise!
Second Service 11:30 AM 

Featuring the same gospel message
with more contemporary worship songs and more.

Men & Women's Ministry Friendship Outreach

Men & Women's Ministries have a pre-Christmas treat of soup supper, Christmas crafts, cookies and carols. Bring a friend!

Wed 11/30 5:30 pm
Pathfinder & Adventurer Meeting

The kids are joining the special Men & Women's Ministry evening to make cookies, crafts and sing some carols. It'll be a great time for the whole family!!

Wed 11/30 5:30 pm
1st Service - Pastor Aron Chilson

Guest speaker, Pastor Aron Chilson's message is "Never Will I Leave You: A conversation about the Holy Spirit." Aron talks about ways to tell if the Spirit is leading you - or if it's your own ego talking.

Sat 12/3 9:00 am
Sabbath School Groups

Study groups for different ages and interests. Browse descriptions under the Ministries tab.

Sat 12/3 10:10 am

Sermon, December 3, 2022

This Sabbath, let's have a conversation about the Holy Spirit.

Join Aron Chilson for a deep dive into scripture. And join the worship team for a delightful selection of Christmas carols!!!

Special Event, December 3, 2022

Road Rally + Game Night

This Saturday, Pathfinders invite you to an exciting adventure. Form your teams, and let's get ready to race! This is a scavenger hunt by car. Afterwards, we'll play any board game you bring.

Super C.O.W.

We'll be right back!

Super C.O.W. is enjoying the holidays for the next couple of weeks, but look for great new classes starting Dec. 7: Music Jam Book Club Healing Oils

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Pre-Christmas Cookies, Crafts, & Carols

Men & Women's Ministries are bringing you a FUN pre-Christmas gathering Wednesday Nov. 30 (no Super C.O.W. that night). Bring out your whole family for a traditional good time! Afterwards, we'll take a group to visit our church neighbors with a special invite to the upcoming Christmas Pageant.

Something Special

Christmas Gift - Solved!

FEASTS & FESTIVAL CALENDAR IS NOW AVAILABLE! The Jewish New Year starts September 26th - and we have a special calendar showing all the Feasts, Festivals, and special dates that are significant in the Bible. Get this beautifully illustrated calendar for only $15. Text Greg at 402-560-6545. This year is said to be a year of God's Abundance and Grace!

Check Out Even More Events:

A Call to Prayer

Now more than ever, we need God! And we need to pray! Pastor Mike urges you to get connected three times a day, all of us asking God for the same thing in one voice. 

Two other churches heard about this, and have asked to join us in this urgent call to prayer. Let's make prayer viral!!

What is God telling you?


New Creation Community is a contemporary Christian Seventh-day Adventist church filled with friendly families just like yours. If you are looking for a church to connect with, come check us out!

God is Building Something Here!