New Creation Community

A Seventh-day Adventist Experience


If you'd like to get involved or have a concern, please contact the leaders of each ministry listed alphabetically below:

Baptism / Membership Transfer: Olga Conant

Communication: Misha Darcy

Deacons / Deaconesses: Julie Cowin

   Gary Reinke, Kevin Carter, Ray Daugherty, Wayne Johnson, Avidan Perez, Eunice Reinke, Kayla Stanley, Wilma Darcy

Elders:  Virginia Eggert, Aron Chilson

   Paul Carpenter, Jessie Dorval, Jeanne Hevener, Frank Kean

Family Ministries: Jessie Dorval / Shelly Johnson

Finance Committee: Paula Aughenbaugh (Assistant Treasurer)

Greeters (Solomon's Porch): Topher Thompson

Grounds / Maintenance: Wayne Johnson / Frank Kean

Health Ministries: Howie Huntsman

Hospitality & Social: Jeanne Hevener

Member Liaison: Lesa Kean

Pastoral Ministries: Mike Mennard

(C.O.W., Fundraising, Guerrilla Faith, Campmeeting, Yakkin' & Jammin', Pageants, Super Sabbaths)

Pathfinders: Frank & Lesa Kean

Prayer Garden: Misha Darcy

Prayer Warriors: Paula Aughenbaugh

Sabbath Schools: Michelle Mesnard

Mom's Cafe - Ebba Mead, Wendy Hemmingsen

Mini-Ministries - Cristal Ahrens, Barb Olson, Ken Vollmer

Juniors - Michelle Nash, Randy and Rebecca Reinke

Youth - Lonny Nelson

Women Sharing Faith - Virginia Eggert

In His Word - Aron Chilson

The Good News - Addison Collingsworth

Quarterly Lesson - Arlie Fandrich/Howie Huntsman

Treasurer:  Paul Carpenter 

Worship Ministry: Susan Byers

Music: Michael Hevener

Slides: Paul Carpenter

Drama: Becca Conditt