New Creation Community

A Seventh-day Adventist Experience

Ministry Teams

To feel a part of a church is to get involved! We have many opportunities to lead or take action. If you'd like to join any team, let us know here.

Women's Ministry

Get to know one another and fellowship with a dinner and devotional. The group meets every other month, and it's open to all women. Organized by Shelly Johnson.






Men's Ministry

This is a supportive space to talk about life and what it means to be a man. Come for brunch, a short message, and a chance to just chat. Currently, we're looking at the life of Samson as a role model. Led by Pastor Jessie Dorval.




Adventists have a long tradition (and many fond memories!) of our own version of the Scouts. With 20 acres of church property and dedicated leaders, our program will be hard to beat! Ask Frank Kean how you can lead out. They meet Wednesdays 6:30-8:30PM

Super C.O.W.

(Connecting On Wednesdays) Our fun, FREE monthly classes need idea people who can find teachers each month. See Mike Mennard if you'd like to help organize these popular learning events.





Got skills? We need YOU to get the word out! See Misha Darcy for social media, Brett Chilson for video.



We're proud of our church leadership who make our church run smooth and provide spiritual guidance. Do you feel called? Contact Julie Cowin to volunteer.


Hospitality & Social Committee

One of our favorite teams, Hospitality, creates a welcoming environment: greet people as they arrive, provide snacks and drinks each Sabbath morning, and help plan social events. See Jeanne Hevener if this sounds like your kind of ministry.


Grounds & Maintenance

Heavy equipment. Need we say more? Wayne Johnson could use a good hand or two keeping things up. Frank Kean is our go-to for broken stuff.


Sabbath School

Like to teach? Our current facilitators are looking for someone to occasionally take over. Talk to Michelle Mesnard about the schedule.




Prayer Garden

If you aren't afraid to get a little dirty and like to see your efforts blossom, we would welcome a hand! Talk to Misha Darcy if you'd like to keep our church beautiful.


Prayer Warriors

We'd like to be known as the Church Who Prays. Our Warriors know the power of prayer. See Paula Aughenbaugh to join the fight.


When you're sick or can't get out, it's especially meaningful to have someone from your church look in on you. To volunteer for this very special ministry, see Mike Mennard.


Solomon's Porch Welcome Committee

If you're a natural includer and like to meet new faces, see Topher Thomspon about joining this incredibly important team that makes everyone feel part of our church family.





​​Worship Team

Contemporary worship music is a huge part of New Creation, and there's lots of opportunity to play or sing! See team leaders, Mike Hevener and Susan Byers, about an opening.



Yakkin' & Jammin'

Would you like to host this very popular gathering/potluck at your house? Please let Mike Mennard know! We'll bring the music!