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Every Wednesday we offer classes to build friendships and life skills. Here are the classes we are currently offering.

Super C.O.W., January 25, 2023

Music Jam

Bring your instruments for Super C.O.W. - we're gonna play and sing and learn new gospel songs, all led by college music teacher, Susan Byers. And classes are FREE!! Your skill-level doesn't matter, just come!

Super C.O.W., January 25, 2023

New! Choir Practice

We're starting a church choir this week, led by Hans Kenaston. Meet in the Youth Room, first classroom on the left. There's so many ways you can get involved at New Creation Community!

Super C.O.W., January 25, 2023

Discussion of Discipleship

This discipleship class, led by Aron Chilson, takes a look at Daniel, the man, the prophecy, and the relevance of this Old Testament book for the world we live in today. Daniel points us to the fact that we are indeed living in the last days of the earth's history. "Keep watch so that no one deceives you."

Super C.O.W., February 1, 2023

New Health Classes

Take control of your health! This week Holly & Howie Huntsman cook up some "Healthy Fun in the Kitchen". Come join the party!


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